Ashley Nichole Honnell was born on June 28th, 1994, in the beautiful resort town of Coeur d' Alene, Idaho.  Singing for the video camera since she was 2, and performing at school by age 9, she learned early on that singing made not only her happy, but others that listened and watched her as well.

By age 16, Ashley's parents bought her first guitar, and shortly thereafter, she began taking guitar lessons, and vocal lessons from Brett Mannings Studio out of Nashville. Soon she began posting cover songs on YouTube, and quickly, her numbers rose, to thousands of views. Requests for her to sing more cover songs became a daily occurrence. Her Facebook page began to explode, as well, and to her delight and surprise, fans from all over the country began to friend request her requesting signed autographs and posters.

In June of 2011, Ashley was asked by Quicksilver Photography to represent their studio as a Senior model. After which she was asked by photographer Brett Schneider, if he could enter her photos into a Senior Portrait contest. There were only 10 models selected from the United States and Canada. Out of all the hundreds  of entries, Ashley was selected as one of the winners.

Then in late August, very exciting events began to take place, as Ashley's YouTube videos caught the attention of legendary music producer Keith Olsen. Keith is directly responsible for most of our beloved rock music of the 80's. He produced and engineered for the Scorpions, Rick Springfield, Chicago, Foreigner, Heart, Journey, Sammy Hagar, Santana, Ozzy Osbourn, and White Snake to name just a few. Communication began and recommendations were made regarding the direction of Ashley's music, as Keith Olsen became not only a personal friend, but a active mentor to Ashley.

That November, as a Spa Model winner, Ashley was flown to Big Cedar Lodge in Ridgedale, Missouri where she would participate in a fashion show, and be photographed by different photographers from all over the the United States and Canada. It was on that trip to Missouri, where she unexpectedly met country artist Craig Campbell who performed a private concert for the lodge guests promoting his recent release 'Fish'.  After the concert was over and everyone was gone, Ashley visited with Craig and his record label sitting around a bon fire, where they gave her much advise, and encouraged her to follow her dream and Craig told her if she wanted it then she needed to "Go get it".

Then in February of 2012, legendary producer Keith Olsen invited Ashley to fly to Southern California to his studio, to produce and record her demo. It was there, that she recorded with Keith, her first 2 radio ready songs, 'Flowers'  & 'I Just Wanted You To Know'.  It was an honor and a privilege, to spend several days working with Keith.  She will forever be grateful for his kindness and eagerness to help in any way possible.

In addition to recording with Keith Olsen, Ashley spent much of 2012 performing locally. Some of the most memorable were, opening for American Idol winner, Scotty McCreery the annual Post Falls Days, the Coeur d'Alene Street Fair, the North Idaho State Fair, the Spokane County Interstate Fair, the annual Post Falls Iron Chef Cookoff, the Tapas & Tailgating fundraiser at the Greyhound Park, the Spokane Valleyfest, as well as weddings and local bars. Ashley was asked to sing the National Anthem for the Spokane Indians as well as for the Post Falls Rugby Club.  Ashley was also invited at two different times to a morning radio interview on 1080 ESPN North Idaho, where she shared her songs, her story, goals and accomplishments.

In the summer of 2012, Ashley graduated from Post Falls High School and has continued full time perusing her music career and spent much of this year working on her songwriting skills. Then in August 2013, Ashley filmed her first music video for her single, I Just Wanted You to Know.  And on October 14th, 2013 Ashley was thrilled to announce the release of both her single on Itunes, and her music video, which is featured on VEVO. It was shortly after her release that she was contacted by the local news, Channel 6-KHQ News for a interview.  Then on October 26th Ashley went into the television station for an interview and a live acoustic performance of her recent release, 'I Just Wanted You to Know'.

On October 5th, of 2012, Ashley and her band won the Toys for Tots-Battle of the Bands contest held by the Spokane Valley Eagles in which she was honored to present the donations to the Marines. And then on November 25th, another highlight of her career was opening for American Idol winner and country artist Scotty McCreery in Spokane, Washington.

As 2013 came to a close, Ashley finished shooting her 2nd music video for her next single, 'Flowers'. Then in 2014 Ashley was invited to Warner Chappell music in Los Angeles to write with Josiah Rosen and Abram Dean, where she co-wrote her unreleased song 'Double Down'.   Meanwhile, Ashley continued to grow from not just a singer, but into a performer as well.  She became no stranger to the stage as she repeatedly played with her band all around Spokane, Wa. and North Idaho.  However, from 2015 to the Fall of 2017, Ashley's life took a turn, and she found herself in a spiral of personal heartbreak. 

Finally, by the grace of God, she was able get out and decided to make the move and head to Nashville pursuing her one true love; music. Moving to Nashville was the best decision Ashley has made for personal growth and for her music career.  She is quickly putting her band back together, and is writing, and making many new friends in the music industry.  Ashley will soon be back in the studio, recording her song 'Double Down' and looking  forward to releasing more music to her loyal 25,000+ fans, as thousands have been with her on this journey from the very beginning cheering her on.  Ashley knows her story is one that unfortunately, many can relate to, and she hopes that she can help others who have experienced similar heartbreak to recover and get out of abusive relationships. It his her hope that God will not only use her to empower others, but that she will glorify him, believing that "With God, all things are possible".